Employee Directory

Cris Vetter, Executive Director

Vicki Bell, Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Arp, Financial Director

Brent Fillmore, Health Services Administrator Crest Health Center

Kathy Harris, Director of Oakwood Place & Village Home Services

Mary Huebbe, Marketing Director

Laura Geiger, Social Services Crest Health Center

Nancy Garrow, Director of Nursing Crest Health Center

Doug Shook, Chaplain

Sherry Rodriguez, Human Resource Director

Susan Friederich, Dining Services Director

Cinda Matter, Director of Housekeeping

Dean Nebinger, Director of Refurbishment

Greg Meyers, Director of Maintenance

Tammie Crafts, Director of Volunteers

Marlene Miller, Resident Activities Director

Linda Lee,  Oakwood Activities Director

Jennifer Hovey, Crest Health Center Activities Director

Margie Hansen, Foundation Administrative Assistant