Oakwood Assisted Living is made up of many different departments. Health care staff includes:

  • A full time registered nurse that has been trained and certified in assisted living leadership. The RN manages the assisted living. The RN provides training and direction for cares for the residents.
  • A full time licensed practical nurse that works closely with the registered nurse and aides to insure care, communicate with the family and physicians.
  • Certified nurse’s aides are scheduled around the clock to be available to provide care needed. The aides are trained to respond as a first responder in an emergency. Many of the nurse’s aides have attended a community college and received training in medication administration becoming a certified medication aid or a medication manager. Medications are closely monitored by the nurse for safety.
  • Full time day shift receptionist. As usual this is a jack of all trades. Answers all questions or knows where to find out if she doesn’t know the answer which is rare.
  • A full time Activity director is in charge of all the fun and games. Nothing is too big or too small for her to arrange and schedule.
  • Full time housekeepers are there to keep the many different areas clean. They visit the apartments weekly for cleaning.
  • Full time maintenance staff available to help repair the items that wear out.
  • Security staff on 2nd and 3rd shift that also help with some minor repairs when needed.
  • Dietary staff has a very important job to cook, serve and do the dishes for three meals daily.
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy staff available for orders from physicians.
  • An in house Chaplin provides non-denominational services for the residents in the Koning Center, Oakwood activity room and in the Oakwood memory care area every Sunday. The Chaplin is also there for support when needed.
  • Beauticians in two different beauty shops available by appointment during the week.