Professional Services

Receiving care for the total individual is very important so we have contracted with the following agencies to provide needed services to the residents who live here for any length of time.

Medical Director Services
Dr. Amanda Motto, DO (House Doctor)

  • Visits Crest Health Center one day per week
  • Provides Attending Physician duties to 50% of Residents
  • Provides Medical Oversight to the Clinical team
  • A member of the Quality Assurance Team

Physician Services
Many physicians throughout the community provide the following:

  • Attending Physician services to individual Residents
  • Appointments and consultation as needed
  • Provide direction and oversight to our staff for their Residents

Podiatry Services

  • Visits Crest Health Center every six weeks
  • Provides foot care as needed
  • Most services are covered under Medicare Part B

Pharmacy Services

  • The Consultant Pharmacist visit Crest Health Center monthly
  • Provides as needed consultation regarding medications
  • A member of the Quality Assurance Team