Life Care Financial Plan

Our Life Care Plan is a financial plan option that offers Independent Living residents lifetime housing and health care with access to Assisted Living, Assisted Living with Memory Care, and Long and Short Term Nursing Care.

This plan can help reduce the financial cost for housing that can be associated with your health care needs and how those needs may change over time.

For couples, the Life Care Plan offers peace of mind in knowing that if something were to happen to them, the other one will be taken care of. They feel relief that their spouse or their family members do not have the burden of being a caregiver for them if they can no longer care for themselves.

With this plan, you will gain security in knowing that you have made a choice that will assist you in planning for your future and the future of your loved ones.

After paying the one time only Entrance Fee for Independent Living, you will then pay a monthly fee. The Entrance and monthly fee is based on the square footage and single or double occupancy.

If your health needs change and you move to Assisted Living or Long Term Nursing Care your monthly fee would remain at your current Independent Living rate. The only additional charges are two additional meals daily per person, any Optional Services that are requested, any medical charges you may require, and if you choose to upgrade to an apartment size that is not guaranteed by your residency contract.

Our Life Care Plan also offers a Declining Scale for % Back of Entrance Fee Refund Policy for first five years of residency for relocating outside of Ridgecrest or for the first two years of residency for death. Certain conditions apply. Refund is voided if you become permanent to Assisted Living or Long Term Nursing Care.

To learn more about our Life Care Plan please contact us.