What is Lifecare?

Ridgecrest Village is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that offers many levels of care.

We offer a type of contract called Lifecare. Lifecare is a way to control your future health care costs and needs without increasing your monthly fees*.

When you choose Lifecare it is an agreement that when you come to live at Ridgecrest Village as an Independent resident, you will pay a one-time entrance based on the apartment or cottage you choose and the number of people. You then pay a monthly fee which covers everything including utilities and maintenance. Should you need additional care during your lifetime including skilled care, memory care, assisted living and 24-hour nursing you’ll have access to these services, at the same monthly fee* that you pay when living independently.

There is no guesswork: the costs are predictable, and you are able to stay in the community you call home.

When a couple become Lifecare residents if one needs a higher level of care, the Lifecare contract allows each to live separately in the appropriate level of care and still pay the same monthly fee as when they occupied the same dwelling. You are both located on the same campus just a short walk away from each other.

A lifecare contract offers financial stability in addition to all the other amenities that are covered including all utilities and maintenance costs of your apartment/cottage. It offers peace of mind knowing your future health care is there if you need it. 

* The only additional charges are two additional meals daily per person, any Optional Services that are requested, any medical charges you may require, and if you choose to upgrade to an apartment size that is not guaranteed by your residency contract.

Our Life Care Plan also offers a Declining Scale for % Back of Entrance Fee Refund Policy for first five years of residency for relocating outside of Ridgecrest or for the first two years of residency for death. Certain conditions apply. 

For more information on Lifecare or Ridgecrest Village please visit our website at www.ridgecrestvillage.org or call (563) 391-3430 or (563) 388- 3563.