Christian Values

Christian Retirement Homes, Inc. is the legal name for Ridgecrest Village. Our mission is to provide high quality housing and health care services for older adults.

Our values include nine areas:

  1. We believe our Christian heritage commits us to providing love and care for each person.
  2. We are dedicated to making a life of dignity and security possible for our residents.
  3. We are committed to a fiscally responsible operation.
  4. We maintain an atmosphere that provides for the spiritual growth of residents and staff.
  5. We provide a full continuum of services from housing through health care.
  6. We recognize the importance of a well trained and motivated staff in providing a caring environment.
  7. We are dedicated to the inclusion of families as an integral part of the life of our residents.
  8. We believe that volunteers have a vital part in maintaining a caring and supporting community.
  9. We view the Regulatory and Certification agencies as valued partners as we fulfill our mission.