What do you do at Ridgecrest Village?

See our mission statement and list of values.

What happens if I need help?

We have nurses here 24-hours each day. We have a “Lifeline” system that goes directly to the pagers on our nursing staff. They will find you anywhere in our 22 acres.

What is it like to have a full-time Chaplain?

Our full-time chaplain is here to serve persons of all denominations and spiritual traditions. Some services available to you include: listening, keeping bridges built with your faith community, assisting with your sacramental needs, praying with you, being with you in a crisis, pastoral counseling, support for you, your family and friends, helping you deal with worries, fears, questions.  As well as building on the resources of your faith, grief support counseling, assisting with difficult decisions, helping you develop memorial and funeral plans. In addition, weekly non-denominational worship services, bi-monthly Catholic Mass, study groups, fellowship opportunities and special religious holiday services are available.

What is the staff like?

Our 200+ staff members really do care. They enjoy the social interaction with our residents, help them make the right foods choices. Our staff feels  helping others is important to our Residents quality of life. Our staff will encourage our residents to participate in many activities each day, and keeps them informed of the upcoming events.

Will there be services for my family?

We have guest rooms available to rent on a daily basis. There are five party rooms you can reserve at no cost to enjoy family parties or events with friends. We have many volunteer opportunities through our volunteer program. Family members may receive pastoral support with our Chaplain and may attend religious services in our Koning Chapel.  We have a quiet room available for prayer or meditation.

What if I need Long or Short Term 24-hour Nursing Care?

We provide 24-hour Nursing Care in our Crest Health Center. We work with your doctors, Physical Theraphy, Medicare and Medicaid to provide the health care you or your loved one needs.

How much regimentation is at your village?

Very little. Some daily activities are at scheduled times, but it is your choice on how active and social you want your lifestyle to be. For example the Independent Living dining room is available at scheduled hours. It is your choice if you want to dine there on that day, at what time you would like to dine during those hours, and whom you would like to sit with while dining.

We like to volunteer, so can we volunteer at Ridgecrest?

We have over 200 volunteers at our village. Half are residents of Ridgecrest and half live in the community. Our Voluneer Director is Tammie Craft. To learn more about our volunteer program please click here.

How do I decide on the care and services for my loved one or for me?

Senior lifestyle, retirement and care options vary widely, and the choices can be overwhelming. When choosing a community, it is important to think about what kinds of assistance and/or medical care are needed now or in the future. At Crest Health Center services are available with 24-hour care. Oakwood Place Assisted Living is for seniors who need assistance with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, or medication reminders.  Our Independent Living requires no personal care assistance, but offers many opportunities for socialization, which keeps us young at heart.

Is living at Ridgecrest truly like living at home?

Yes and no. We work to provide you a community that has all the comforts of home, but without all the burdens of maintaining a home. In a sense, we want it to be better! We want you to be able to enjoy life and do those things that you wanted to do once you retired. We want you to feel that living at Ridgecrest has been a positive change in your life and that you flourish in a supportive and caring environment.

Are pets allowed?

There is a two-page policy available for Independent Living. Basically you must be nice to your neighbors, keep veterinarian shots up to date, keep pet on a leash in all public areas on campus (inside and outdoors), and take care of and clean up after your pet.

There is a non-refundable pet deposit.