Ridgecrest has many volunteering opportunities available for our residents and public community members.

By being a volunteer you help residents by contributing your time, talents, special skills and knowledge. It gives a sense of purpose and community by supporting others and being involved. Friendships flourish and spirits are lifted by the interaction that volunteering provides.

It helps keep you and your mind active, opens your heart, and is rewarding and gratifying.

There are many ways one can be a volunteer ranging from reading to a resident living in Crest, playing cards with residents living in Oakwood, to helping in the Arcade Cafe and Gifts. Volunteering is a vital part of the caring community that is Ridgecrest.

The Volunteer Service League of Ridgecrest

We encourage our volunteers and residents to join the Volunteer Service League to ensure a strong, active, and vital organization. It helps provide the funds for a variety of the projects and programs that enriches the lives of our residents.

To learn more ways you can volunteer or become a member of the Volunteer Service League please click here.