Tax Deductible Gifts

Unrestricted Board Fund

Your contribution is placed in an area of highest priority designated by the Ridgecrest Foundation Board of Directors. It may be placed in one or more of our current special funds, or applied toward any of the many projects that our board prioritizes either currently underway or in our future plans.

They include the Koning Charitable Fund, Nursing Scholarship Fund, and the Bus Fund, and our annual Ridgecrest Foundation Benefit Dinner.

We invite you to visit with us if you have questions about the various funds, planned gift options, or about Ridgecrest Village operations in general. For more information please contact Carrie Dreifurst at: or  (563) 388-3431.


Terms and Conditions

Ridgecrest Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) organization, certifies that your gift represents a contribution to our organization. This organization has not provided goods or services in exchange for this contribution.