What is a CCRC Community?

CCRC is a Continuing Care Retirement Community–  This is a community that will see Seniors (62 and older) from independent living all the way to skilled nursing if they need it.   At Ridgecrest we have 3 different ways to move in:

1.  Lifecare program which has an entrance fee and a monthly fee but it provides the assisted living,  memory care and skilled nursing you may need later without additional cost, even if there are two people.  The fee is based on the square footage of the apartment, cottage or house you desire and whether its single or double occupancy.

2.  80% Return which still has an entrance fee and monthly fee, but when you need a  higher level of care 80% of the entrance fee can be used to pay your monthly fee or leave it for your estate, either way you would receive a discount off of the normal rate at the higher levels of care.  Typically someone that is already paying for long term care insurance would be interested in this program.

3.  Rental This would be like renting an apartment anywhere.  You pay a one-time non-refundable $1,500. deposit and rent month to month.  If you need higher levels of care later on; you would pay the market rate of the needed level of care.  Our sizes are limited on our rentals.